Great Shoppers with Boonus

Why will you need Boonus?

Take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts for you with the loyalty program that you like from your favorite restaurants, cafes and stores, every time! And turn your loyalty to them to your gain, in the simplest way.

How do you use Boonus?

Collect Your Points & Stamps

Give your mobile number to the cashier

Or your QR code

& That's it. Your points & visits have been recorded successfully, and you can rate now


Redeem Your Rewards

Give your reward ID number to the cashier

or the reward QR code

& That's it. Your reward is ready and awaits you on the counter, and it got removed from your wallet


What can you do with Boonus?

Discover new places you will love

Enroll directly into the loyalty program

Rate your visit & send your feedback

Track points & stamps anytime

Save more with members-only offers

Support local brands everywhere

Collect your points Today!

Download Boonus App, to discover new places that you will love, and join its loyalty program on the go. To convert your visits and payments into points and stamps that you benefit from and exchange them for free and exclusive rewards for you only